Projet musical réunissant des artistes de partout au Canada qui composeront une chanson par mois, exclusivement pour les lecteurs de Attic Collective. La seule et unique contrainte de l’artiste est qu’il doit créer une nouvelle chanson pour le Attic Orchestra et enregistrer une version exclusive qui se retrouve nul part ailleurs.

This song covers the experience of touring BC with my significant other. The sights and sounds of the Rockies, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This song came easily as I had just gotten off the road from a 2 week western Canadian tour out to Vancouver. I love simple melody lines and offbeat production. There’s not much to this one but I believe if there was any more it would wake away from the quality of the song. This particular song I wrote and recorded in one day. I wrote the lyrics and the chord progression together which is not always my method of writing. Sometimes I write the lyrics before hand or have a progression ready to go and add lyrics later. It all depends on the mood I’m in or the character of the song. Anyways, I hope this song takes you into the Rockies and gives you imagery of that road trip many of us have had with our loved ones. Enjoy.

Jay Bowcott



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