Projet musical réunissant des artistes de partout au Canada qui composeront une chanson par mois, exclusivement pour les lecteurs de Attic Collective. La seule et unique contrainte de l’artiste est qu’il doit créer une nouvelle chanson pour le Attic Orchestra et enregistrer une version exclusive qui se retrouve nul part ailleurs.

The song ‘Old Time Dress’ came to me like most songs I write, in the middle of the night, in my living room. When writing, I tend to noodle a bit on the guitar until I find something I like, wether it’s a basic chord progression or a groove or whatever. This came about in that manner, and what I came up with worked well with a melody and some rough words that I had been humming along in the shower (which is also typical of my creative process…). After I’ve determined a basic structure and arrangement for a song I usually set about writing the verse lyrics.

At its genesis, lyrically, I simply had the line ‘I’ve been watching you, too’ in the chorus for this song. This has led to my band referring to the tune as ‘The Stalker Song’, which as disturbing/amusing as it is, I think misses the real point. I feel a sense of longing, loving and longing, in the vibe of the piece and when I was writing lyrics for it I really wanted to touch on that emotion at its core. I tried to channel my sense of longing from memory so that the perspective taken is that of a young man at the highschool dance, who can see his love across the room and wants nothing more than the strength and courage to show his love to that person, but is crippled by the potential for heartbreak, and what that might mean. He wants to hear her say the same thing he is feeling, ‘I’ve been watching you too’.

Greg McEvoy



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