Projet musical réunissant des artistes de partout au Canada qui composeront une chanson par mois, exclusivement pour les lecteurs de Attic Collective. La seule et unique contrainte de l’artiste est qu’il doit créer une nouvelle chanson pour le Attic Orchestra et enregistrer une version exclusive qui se retrouve nul part ailleurs.

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A man goes to sea and sets sail in the emptiness of the ocean. To forget his life. His lover. Forget the road that made him regret. Thinking it would be easier to create a new home than fixing the one he already has.

Trapped inside four walls, this is where my imagination led me, with my eyes closed, trying to think about this man so afraid that he’d be willing to forget everything he had ever experienced. Even at the cost of his own life.

It was 2am, playing guitar in my living room on a quiet night when this little riff in Em in drop D happened. I put everything on hold, went to sleep and woke up with the rest of the song. Repeating the melody with the guitar and the turnaround in major. J-Y and I met at the studio to record the guitar with 2 mics on my acoustic and another one on the amplifier, which was isolated in a different room.

The mood was set and everything else was naturally created.

Simon Walls



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